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Feb 26

Leveraging Virtual Assistants for Social Media

Whether you're just starting out with your business, or already an established company, you're going to need someone strategic and resourceful to manage your social channels for you.

Social media managers are virtual assistants who excel in boosting your virtual presence using their profound knowledge of social media platforms and ability to keep up with trends - sometimes even creating their own. By following where the "hype" or attention is, you create an indirect connection between your company and your audience.

Social media managers are creative. They engage interests not only by following trends but by setting them too. In fact, the most talented social media virtual assistants are those who can gauge their audience's reactions even before posting the actual content. And in terms of talent, social media virtual assistants are unparalleled in writing, research, software knowledge, and customer service.

How do they do it?


They conceptualize and internalize strategies based on your company's mission and core principles. This serves as a great guide for future clients so they will have an idea of how your company operates and what it's like to become clients.

Plan ahead

Social media virtual assistant managers operate by putting their minds ahead of time. They plan their content, design the graphics, and construct captions days before actually posting anything. Reviewing and populating your calendar allows them to be as organized as possible, and having the creativity and resourcefulness to make last-minute changes allow them to be flexible in case something new or better comes up.

Monitor analytics

Apart from having the general wisdom in social media management from their years of study and practice, social media managers also monitor their page analytics. This includes monitoring Facebook engagements, Instagram infections, YouTube views, and much more. Basically anything about social media that includes numbers and page performance, they keep track of. This is to ensure that the strategies they will put into place will be effective, and if there's any modification needed to gain more and get a wider reach, they will implement it. Social media virtual assistants are the pilots that will determine how high your social channels will fly.

As a business owner, you need to be able to leverage as many resources as possible. Social media managers allow you to scale your virtual presence and boost your brand. In fact, they're actually the ones responsible for establishing your brand's reputation. Hiring Filipino virtual assistants will get you more time, more money, and excuses you from partaking in any unnecessary stress you don't need to concern yourself with as an executive.

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