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Oct 9

Rewarding Your Virtual Assistants

Rewarding employees has always been a culture established by a lot of successful companies, and the same should be said for virtual assistant recognition. Not only will they be aware that their work is appreciated by customers, but also by the people that they work for. This helps them realize their worth and how valuable they are to your company.

In addition, giving virtual assistants recognition from time to time could also help boost your relationship with them.

Here are 5 rewards you can give your virtual assistant to help motivate them to continue an outstanding performance or make the effort to perform better. Explore ideas for rewarding remote employees and consider incentives for remote workers to keep their dedication and enthusiasm high.

1. Compliments

Complimenting your virtual assistant on a job well done is the most basic form of reward that happens to be very effective but doesn't cost any money. A simple remark on their extra effort to do more and be more goes a long way, not just for themselves but also for your business.

This doesn't mean that every finished task deserves praise - it is important to understand the distinction between doing an excellent job for a project and rightfully doing so. Knowing this distinction is what will make your recognition for your virtual assistant's effort matter and truly mean something.

2. Bonus

Money has always been a great form of incentive, and it serves as a great reward as well. Giving bonuses from time to time is always an effective way to recognize your virtual assistant's worth, which could also serve as a motivation for him or her to perform better. That said, giving your virtual assistant bonus for working with you after a significant amount of time shows that you value loyalty.

3. Holidays and Time Offs

One of the biggest challenges of working with remote employees is the difference in time zones and calendar of events. Finding a common holiday may seem a bit of a challenge, and as an employee, it may get frustrating to go to work when the people around you are on their holiday.

That said, special holidays experienced across the world such as Christmas and New Year's is a good place to start. Beyond that, we recommend following the holidays from your virtual assistant's calendar.

Even though giving your employees time off isn't directly related to their work or performance, allowing them to enjoy holidays with pay is a great way to boost their self-esteem.

4. Wacky and fun awards

Who said team meetings can't be fun? While they're meant to be time strictly for productivity, hosting games and activities with prizes can and will alleviate work pressure and boost team morale.

These things don't need to happen frequently, but there will come a time when end-of-the-month meetings can be dragging and unproductive, especially when your business is in the heat of pressure - and what better way is there than to take the mind off the stress with ideas for rewarding remote employees. Not only is it fun and engaging, but it's also one way to improve your relationship with your employee, and empower your company culture. Consider incentives for remote workers to keep them motivated and connected. Show your appreciation and virtual assistant recognition for their efforts in contributing to your business's success.

5. Gifts

Of the 5, giving gifts to your virtual assistant is probably the method you'll be using the least. Since you'll be choosing which item to give your employee, choosing one that could help improve their skills would be beneficial not just for your virtual assistant, but for your company as well.

Great suggestions would include books, seminar or conference tickets, or any item you believe your virtual assistant would be fond of. It doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to be anything that would portray your appreciation for your employee.

Why Filipino Virtual Assistants?

Filipino virtual assistants are committed to growing within your company, and they're naturally inclined to give their best especially when you show that you're committed to them as well. Giving your remote employees ideas for rewarding remote employees from time to time may not be a huge deal, but it's a gesture that's greatly appreciated by Filipinos, especially if they receive incentives for remote workers from their bosses. This kind of virtual assistant recognition can foster strong motivation and loyalty among your virtual team.

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