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Aug 21

Should You Track Your Virtual Assistants Monitor

One of the biggest challenges of working with a virtual assistant is virtual assistant tracking and monitoring remote staff to keep updated with their progress and achievements. Even if you're working at the same time, it's impossible to physically see what they're working on and how they're doing their job.

On top of that, more companies have started utilizing virtual assistants for their businesses ever since the rise of the pandemic - forcing communities into lockdown and shifting to a work-from-home setup.

Having the correct tools for working with a virtual assistant is just as important as employing the right one. An excellent virtual assistant will always be available and will not take long to respond to your messages or attend spontaneous Zoom meetings if necessary. But none of that will matter if you can't keep track of his or her progress.

That said, people have come up with their own ways of keeping track of their virtual assistant's activities. There are those who simply require a daily checklist for their virtual assistants, while others use programs to keep track of their VA's monitor by periodically sending screenshots.

Effective employee performance measurement methods are crucial for ensuring the quality of work, maintaining transparency, and achieving your business goals with the help of your virtual assistant.

Things to Consider when using Screenshot Monitor for tracking

Now the question is - should you track your virtual assistant's screen?

The answer will depend on the nature of the work of your virtual assistant, while it will be entirely a preference for the rest. Ultimately, there are people that think this method is invasive and therefore, unnecessary. But given the nature of their work - whatever it may be, a note of precaution isn't always a bad thing. On top of that, there are actually a number of Filipino VAs who don't mind working with a screenshot monitor, and even believe that the method is justified.

It's never really a bad idea to keep track of your employee's progress and productivity, especially when considering employee performance measurement. However, in hindsight, the idea of micromanagement through screenshot monitoring defeats the purpose of hiring virtual assistants so you can dedicate your time elsewhere. Your well-intentioned attempt to keep track of productivity may in turn hinder the performance of your virtual assistant by micromanaging them.

That said, here are the two main factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use a screenshot monitor for your virtual assistant.

  1. Is your virtual assistant working on your private accounts?
  2. Does your virtual assistant have access to your finances?

The most common virtual assistant to hire is a social media manager. It's a crucial aspect of business, especially if social media is your main form of marketing tool, that boosts your exposure and connects you to as many people as people.

Business pages are often connected to the personal profile of the business owners, which is why it only makes sense to give social media managers access to your accounts. Aside from that, they're able to respond to messages you usually won't have time to and manage your calendar so you're free from a hectic week.

On the other hand, virtual bookkeepers or accountants are virtual assistants who collect, analyze, and manage your finances. Their function ranges from collating financial records to running and distributing payroll. Because of this, it is highly recommended to implement safety precautions that will protect your records and resources by keeping track of their activities, which falls under the realm of virtual assistant tracking.


Tracking your virtual assistant's monitor doesn't necessarily exhibit a lack of trust. As a matter of fact, a lot of Filipino virtual assistants don't mind their screens being monitored since they understand the need for virtual assistant tracking. In reality, it's not uncommon to implement security measures like monitoring remote staff in working with a remote employee.

In the end, it will always be your decision on whether or not to implement screenshot monitoring for your virtual assistant. However, it's worth noting that you inform your VA about such a policy beforehand. While aware of the many benefits of working with a virtual assistant, safety and security, as well as employee performance measurement, should always be the main concern.

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