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Hiring Process

We're able to staff for the following functions:

  • Accounting
  • Administrative
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Operations

You can view our entire process here.

It typically takes around 10 business days from sourcing to onboarding.

No worries! We have very large pool of international talent that we continue to source from until you feel like you have good candidates for your open role.

The minimum hours that you need to staff for is 15 hours per week.

Yes! English is common language in each of the countries that we hire from, and our team places a heavy focus on ensuring each shortlisted candidate is proficient in English.

We currently hire out of the Philippines, Colombia, and Dominican Republic. We have plans to expand beyond those countries in the near future, but that's where we hire from currently!

Yes, you can! We encourage you to do whatever you feel like you need to do to ensure a good fit for your team.

A member of our team will conduct the meeting, and the purpose is to facilitate a seamless integration of the new hire(s) into your team, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to hit the ground running. After that, you'll be ready to go!

We understand that each organization is unique, requiring specific components to support its operations. Our team is ready to support you in hiring the right people for the right roles! Book a call today to speak with a dedicated specialist.

We bill our clients weekly for the hours worked which includes the hourly wage of the hire, our management fee, and benefits costs (if selected).

We don’t charge anything to get started (sweet, right?). Once the hire is onboarded, the billable rate (starts at $8/hr) will be billed on a weekly basis based on the number of hours worked.

Since we are billing a management fee for hours worked only, there are no refunds.

We have a dedicated accounting team that will assist with invoices, payment details, payments on file, and more.

We typically go from start to finish in 10 business days, but it's often much sooner than that!

Through our payment processor, Stripe, we accept all major credit / debits cards. You may also pay with ACH.

If you have an issue of any kind with your hire and need a replacement, we offer free lifetime replacement guarantees!


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