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Offshore Staffing

Cost-Effectively Outsource Your Back Office Tasks

We provide access to the best global talent in emerging markets and helps enterprise companies cost-efficiently scale back-office tasks.

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We Manage So You Can Focus

From payroll to employee morale, we handle all back-office tasks related to your offshore hires so you can focus on growing your business.

employee sourcing
Employee Sourcing, Interviewing, And Onboarding

Let's Ditch Traditional Talent Acquisition

Looking for a game-changer in the hiring world? In a fast-paced business marathon, we're the speed you never knew you needed. From sourcing to onboarding, we'll place top-notch global talent—all within a 10-day timeline.

payroll benefits
Payroll And Benefits

Simplifying Complexity

International payroll and benefits can be confusing, but we got your back. With our global footprint, we streamline complex processes into simplicity and make sure your global hires are paid on time and have the benefits they need (which is paid for through the management fee)!

paid time off
Paid Time Off

Leave On Us

PTO management on an international scale—sounds like a headache, right? Not with us! We're the aspirin to your administrative pains, covering PTO costs with our management fee. It's simple: we deal with the PTO nitty-gritty, you bask in the serenity of a well-managed workforce.

employee morale
Employee Morale

Global Good Vibes

Who says you can't measure happiness? We've cracked the code on global employee morale, infusing your workspaces with positivity that radiates from every virtual corner. We turn job satisfaction into a science and employee happiness into an art. Let us pump up the joy, while you power up your business success. After all, happy employees mean a thriving business!


Your Compliance Compass

In the nuances of international compliance, we're your trusted guide. With entities in each country, we're versatile, dependable, and ready for any challenge. We cut through the dense thicket of rules and norms, paving a clear path for your business operations.

data delivered
Reporting And Analytics

Data Delivered

Think of us as the high-definition binoculars for your business, offering crystal-clear views of your global operations. We equip you with client dashboards that distill complex data into easy-to-understand metrics on hours worked, billing, and end-of-day reports.

premium support
Premium Support

Always On Call

Imagine having a reliable partner at your side, ready to jump in at a moment's notice. That's us—your premium support team, delivering top-notch assistance no matter your timezone or location. We're like your business's personal pit crew, ensuring you're always running at optimal performance.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantees

Your Safety Net for Seamless Staffing

In the world of talent acquisition, we're not just recruiters—we're your lifetime insurance policy. If an employee quits or gets let go, we replace at no additional cost to you. We’re your constant in the ever-changing talent landscape, ensuring your team never misses a beat.

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Absolutely amazing quality of service. They gave everything we were asking for and more. Would recommend 20 times out of 10!


They have been an amazing addition to our team, and we truly value their work ethics and just the brightness they add to the team’s day to day.


The team at SINQ is seriously top-of-the-line. We were paired with a VA and had them working with us in just one week in a see less and effortless process. Couldn’t recommend SINQ enough!


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