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The best outsourcing solution, for the best price.

Straight-forward pricing that aligns with your business goals. By working with us, you'll have a dedicated team that staffs and manages each individual global hire—backed by our lifetime replacement guarantee.

Starting at $8/hr
Employee Sourcing, Interviewing, and Onboarding
Employee Morale
Reporting and Analytics
Premium Support
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
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Starting at $2/hr
Health and Regulatory Benefits
Annual bonuses
Vacation Leave Pay
Sick Leave Pay
Holiday Leave Pay
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Enterprise (25+ hires)
Custom Pricing
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Everything in Growth
Dedicated Training
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Hiring Manager
Custom Compliance Solutions
Custom Reporting and Analytics
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Absolutely amazing quality of service. They gave everything we were asking for and more. Would recommend 20 times out of 10!


They have been an amazing addition to our team, and we truly value their work ethics and just the brightness they add to the team’s day to day.


The team at SINQ is seriously top-of-the-line. We were paired with a VA and had them working with us in just one week in a see less and effortless process. Couldn’t recommend SINQ enough!


You've got questions. We've got answers.

We bill our clients weekly for the hours worked which includes the hourly wage of the hire, our management fee, and benefits costs (if selected).

We don’t charge anything to get started (sweet, right?). Once the hire is onboarded, the billable rate (starts at $8/hr) will be billed on a weekly basis based on the number of hours worked.

Since we are billing a management fee for hours worked only, there are no refunds.

We have a dedicated accounting team that will assist with invoices, payment details, payments on file, and more.

We typically go from start to finish in 10 business days, but it's often much sooner than that!

Through our payment processor, Stripe, we accept all major credit / debits cards. You may also pay with ACH.

If you have an issue of any kind with your hire and need a replacement, we offer free lifetime replacement guarantees!


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