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Jan 27

How Automation Helps Save Time and Money

Automation allows your workflow to operate independently, and it is key to saving time and money for a lot of business owners.

Ideally, you want to automate repetitive and non-decisive processes so you can further optimize your business' internal resource allocation. It is also through automation that business owners are able to capitalize on opportunity costs and allow them to scale while still keeping a certain level of consistency.

Since automation works 24/7, you are guaranteed productivity even when you are not actually around to see things done. And because of this, your business will essentially experience time and money savings both in terms of time management and user experience.

Discover the benefits of business process automation as it transforms your operational landscape and frees up valuable resources.

So how do you get started?

While there are experts with a lot of coding experience to do this for you, there are a few websites or software that can help you out with this. One platform we use is Zapier, an automation tool that helps connect various websites and software.

The good thing about Zapier is that it allows users to set up automation efficiency even without any coding experience. On top of this, there are also automation templates in place to get you started on minimizing repetitive tasks on your plate.

Zapier is a commonly used tool so looking for automation guides outside of Zapier itself is possible. For best results, search for guides on YouTube on how to automate your specific workflow and you may have just saved yourself hours instead of setting that up yourself.

Discover the numerous benefits of business process automation, including time and money savings, by utilizing platforms like Zapier for your workflow optimization.

Zapier Social Media Integrations

That said, the most common automation efficiency you'll find are those integrated with social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. To give you an idea, you can automate sharing a post from Instagram to Facebook, or vice-versa. For added personalization, you can set up your automation with delays to make the whole process feel more natural in a sense.

If in case you have a workflow you want to be automated but hasn't been done by anyone else, it's still possible to set that up. It's just going to take a lot more time, and organizing your workflow is the first step. Gather your processes from start to finish and be sure to be as accurate and precise as possible. Your automation efficiency will only be as good as your understanding of your workflow, so having that organized is key to being successful.

As with other programs, maintenance every now and then is necessary. But this really shouldn't be a problem because if anything, Zapier is constantly updating their platform and optimizing it for our time and money savings.

Virtually, you are only limited by the applications integrated within Zapier but the potential for automation is endless. As a company, setting up benefits of business process automation within our various platforms has helped us save thousands of hours of work, and we believe that by sharing with you this knowledge, you will have the freedom to focus more on your company's growth, be with your family, or basically do anything that you want.

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