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Jul 31

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant For Prospecting

Hiring a virtual assistant for prospecting tasks is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your business.

It's a job that isn't too complex or technical, so you can easily build out SOPs and scripts for it. However, it takes too much time and for an area that benefits heavily the more time you spend on it, hiring a prospecting VA is the best thing to do.

That said, there is no real difference between a prospecting virtual assistant and an actual sales representative. Working behind a screen, prospecting VAs are able to fully utilize and take advantage of the abundant information and available platforms found on the web.

Given the right tools, a prospecting virtual assistant would be more effective and efficient, and here are 5 major reasons why you should hire a VA for prospecting.

1. Cost Efficient

Virtual assistant prospecting from the Philippines is more affordable due to their lower standard of living. At $4 an hour, you are able to ethically pay your virtual assistant for more than twice their minimum wage. Because of this, not only are you able to scale your business, you are also able to provide your virtual assistant with opportunities through a higher pay grade. A win-win situation for all, with significant virtual assistant benefits.

2. Time Efficient

Virtual Assistant Prospecting is one of the most organic yet time-consuming sales efforts. In order to save time, sales representatives tend to act like spears and commit to reaching out only to hot leads, or people who are most likely to close on a deal.

Virtual Assistant Benefits, on the other hand, are evident when they are able to scout for all 3 types of leads - cold, warm, and hot, so you don't miss out on any potential client and value. Unlike the traditional employee, VAs have the capacity to operate like finely-weaved nets and classify the leads themselves. Working 8 hours daily, VAs can utilize all types of available lead generation platforms and personally reach out to every single prospect, enhancing prospecting efficiency.

3. Online Prospecting Methods

Prospecting virtual assistants are able to do the work of a traditional sales representative and more. The amount of information you can find on the internet is limitless, and since sales representatives and even realtors have been utilizing various online platforms for search and outreach anyway, hiring a virtual assistant for prospecting tasks at $4 an hour makes sense.

Over the years, the most common and successful methods for prospecting include content and email marketing, referrals, and organic outreach. As previously stated, a business owner's time is far too valuable to be doing any of these marketing efforts, which is why outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant is the way to go.

By utilizing virtual assistant benefits, you not only enhance your prospecting efficiency but also free up valuable time and resources that can be better invested in other core business activities.

4. More Secure

In terms of security, there's no safer and more comfortable workplace than at home. While the environment doesn't necessarily promote productivity, there are virtual assistant benefits software solutions to minimize distractions and mimic the work culture of an actual office for a more productive mindset.

But what about company security? Virtual assistant prospecting doesn't differ that much from actual employees, to begin with, so rest assured that your business is as safe as it can be. An example of a software solution that addresses this concern is Keeper, an all-in-one password manager and digital vault for all your confidential information and private accounts.

This software solution not only ensures data security but also contributes to prospecting efficiency by enabling your virtual assistants to seamlessly handle tasks that involve sensitive information. As you reap the benefits of outsourcing prospecting tasks, you can also ensure that your business operations remain secure and streamlined.

5. You Can Take Advantage of Automation

Businesses started to scale wonders as soon as they embraced the innovations of technology. Companies have been growing and revenue is only increasing. The potential for utilizing technology and its innovations are endless, and it's for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.

A prospecting virtual assistant is able to save so much time collecting information and saving data once you have all the systems to automate the processes. The golden rule in automation is in fact to automate as much as you can. And if you're concerned about it bugging out, a system is only as good as its engineer(operator) and technology has always proven itself to be reliable.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a method worth exploring for the many benefits that it has to offer for the price. Compared to a traditional sales representative, a prospecting VA is more cost-efficient and proven to be a lot more productive. The satisfaction you get from closing deals yourself is unmatched and it can even be quite encouraging, but the benefits of working with a virtual assistant cannot be emphasized enough.

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