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Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

In the fast-paced world of graphic design, time is of the essence. Few designers can juggle all aspects of their job alone. The help of a virtual assistant can help any graphic designer streamline their workload and get things done faster.

Graphic designers often take on tasks that aren’t directly related to designing, like managing projects and keeping documentation organized.

But before we get into what a graphic designer assistant does, let's talk about why it's important for every business today to hire virtual graphic designer assistants.

What Does a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant Do?

A graphic designer assistant’s duties include a wide range of activities, from supporting the designers with administrative tasks to assisting with the creative aspects of the job. First and foremost, any assistant for a designer must be organized and meticulous, as their work will be highly visible and reflect the company.

The design assistant must also be able to work independently with minimal direction. Depending on the assigned work, a graphic design virtual assistant can contribute in many ways.

Key Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer Assistant


Designers are asked to create logos, advertisements, and branding designs. Graphic designers often create branded items such as t-shirts, business cards, websites, and posters.

Editing and writing

Designers also write content for brochures and websites or edit existing content. Working with a designer, assistants could write articles or blog posts to increase brand awareness.


Assistants will be asked to conduct market research or visually summarize research findings. This could include creating visual representations of data, like pie charts and graphs, or conducting experiments and visually documenting the results.

Managing Projects

Graphic designer virtual assistants manage projects that involve design, like creating a new brand identity, designing a website, or printing promotional materials.

Why Hire a Graphic Designer Assistant from a VA Staffing Agency?

VA staffing agencies provide virtual assistants (VAs) for a range of businesses, with design-specific assistants often assisting designers. Graphic designers are some of the most in-demand assistants because of how frequently companies use their services.

Because of the high demand for designers, VAs often specialize in tasks. These assistants can help with anything from designing logos or creating brochures.

Hiring a design assistant can help you save time and money by having another pair of hands at your disposal. Designers are often tasked with completing tasks outside their core job description; hiring a design assistant can help you spread the extra work around.


What are the skills to look out for in a graphic designer assistant?

As with many roles, the best graphic designer virtual assistants have a lot of different skills. These include visual design skills such as the ability to create attractive and effective designs and other skills such as project management and communication. 

This may also include having a good eye for typography and working well in a team environment.

What is the average salary of a graphic designer assistant?

The average salary for a graphic designer virtual assistant varies greatly. A critical factor in determining salary is the experience level of the assistant. Generally, the more experienced an assistant is, the higher their salary will be. If you’re aiming to become a designer, the best way to get there is by learning from the best.

SINQ's Commitment 

Virtual assistants are freelancers and contractors who work remotely for various clients. They have expertise in a specific field, such as social media management, graphic design, or video editing. The best VAs know how to do multiple tasks at once.

SINQ offers flexible services to suit your needs. And the best thing is that we will work with you to find the right virtual assistant. Here at SINQ, we only have the best set of Virtual Assistants out there. We promise to find you the best VAs who can do all the work you need to do virtually.

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